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Individual Counseling Session

Individual Counseling Session
with a Psychologist


Our licensed psychologists hold doctoral degrees in clinical psychology, have completed accredited internships and postdoctoral training, and have successfully passed the national licensure exam.

Dr. Collins and Dr. Brookland are both PA Licensed Psychologists with PSYPACT authority to provide telepsychology services across most U.S. States. For info on PSYPACT states click here.

Our expert psychologists are eager to work with you and help you through the ebbs and flows of life. Request an appointment today!


Individual Counseling Session
with a Pre-Licensed Clinician

(reduced rates offered)

Our dedicated pre-licensed clinicians are currently in pursuit of their Master’s or doctorate degrees.  They are working towards licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Psychologist. They are avid learners, and have a passion for what they do.

As pre-licensed clinicians they have undergone specialized coursework in psychology and mental health. Each week, they will collaborate with our licensed psychologists to review your case, allowing them to learn and grow while giving you the best possible care. 


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Individual Counseling

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