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Imagine breaking through limitations and embracing a life of authenticity. Whether you're chasing career excellence, improved relationships, a well-balanced life, or overall personal growth, we're here to support you in setting and conquering meaningful goals. Are you ready to step into a life of purpose, fulfillment, and growth? With us, get ready to embark on a remarkable journey that will lead you to unleash your true potential! 

Begin Your Journey of Personal & Professional Growth

Your potential has no limits, and with the right guidance, you can achieve extraordinary things. Personal, leadership, and executive coaching can maximize performance and well-being and is often used to improve leadership skills, integrate work and personal life, gain clarity on upcoming decisions, understand and add to personal coping skills, engage in self-care, improve work efficiencies, build social support and community at work, optimize meaning in work, and strengthen relationships.

Coaching sessions with Dr. Dorte Heimbeck focus on personal and professional potential, leadership skills, integrating work and life, life transitions and more.

Meet Dr. Heimbeck

Dr. Heimbeck wearing glasses with short hair, a black blazer, and blue shirt

Dörte Heimbeck, PhD, brings 25 years of experience as an internal, consulting psychologist. From her experience primarily in healthcare, she has developed a deep, practical understanding of human behavior and organizational dynamics in large and complex organizations.

In helping her clients overcome burnout, reconnect to the meaning and purpose of their profession, thrive in their
professional and personal lifes, Dr. Heimbeck has found her professional calling.

Coaching vs counseling; two images side by side with coach talking to patient and counselor talking to patient

Unleashing Potential through Intentional Reflection: Exploring the Power of Coaching

In the realm of personal development and growth, two distinct practices have emerged as powerful tools for individuals seeking transformation: coaching and counseling. While they share some similarities, coaching and counseling differ significantly in their approaches, goals, and outcomes. In this post, we will explore...

Fees for Coaching Services

Coaching with Dr. Heimbeck 

  • $300 per 1 hour session

Coaching services are self-pay only and not eligible for out of network insurance benefits as a mental health diagnosis will not be provided or treated. 

*You are responsible for all fees at the time of service via Venmo, Credit Card, FSA/HSA card

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