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Psychological Evaluations & PAI Testing for Egg Donors

(+ Spouse if applicable)  

Embarking on the path of egg donation is a remarkable and compassionate decision that holds the potential to change lives. Congratulations on taking this meaningful step toward creating a positive impact on someone else's journey to parenthood. As you navigate through the excitement and anticipation, we are here to guide you with support and answer any questions you may have. 

Embark on the Path to Empowerment as an Egg Donor

At our practice, we understand the significance of psychological evaluations and PAI testing in the journey of egg donation. This meticulous screening process is designed to serve not just the potential parents but also, and perhaps more importantly, you—the generous individual exploring this life-changing gift. 

Following the guidelines set by the ASRM, our qualified mental health professionals conduct a thorough evaluation covering various aspects of your life. This includes exploring your family history, educational background, stability, motivation to donate, stressors, coping skills, reproductive history, relationships, and more.

Why Psychological Evaluation Matters:

Ensuring Suitability: Our foremost concern is to confirm that the path of egg donation aligns with your personal values and aspirations. We believe in empowering you to make informed choices about your involvement in this elective process.

Identifying Contradictions: Through a comprehensive psychological assessment, we aim to identify and address any potential psychological contraindications, ensuring that egg donation is a safe and enriching experience for you.

Fulfilling Responsibilities: By delving into your motivations, coping skills, and interpersonal relationships, we work to ascertain that, once committed, you are well-prepared to fulfill your responsibilities throughout the entire cycle.

Above all, our psychological evaluation is an opportunity for you to reflect on the short and long-term impacts of egg donation. We aim to provide you with the insights needed to navigate the potential physical, mental, and ethical ramifications, ensuring your journey is one of empowerment, understanding, and fulfillment.

Your decision to contribute to someone else's dream of parenthood is a profound one, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Welcome to a transformative journey where your well-being is at the forefront, and your generosity knows no bounds.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Collins Therapist Lancaster PA

Jennifer Collins


Owner & Psychologist

Dr. Brookland Therapist Lancaster PA

Rachel Brookland 


Licensed psychologist

Fees for Psychological Evaluations
 PAI Testing for Egg Donors

Evaluations are self-pay only and not eligible for out of network insurance benefits as a mental health diagnosis will not be provided or treated.

Psychological Evaluations and PAI Testing for Egg Donors

  • Dr. Collins: $600

  • Dr. Brookland: $600

You will also need to attend a group session with your intended parents led by one of our licensed psychologists. The psychologist will follow ASRM guidelines and lead the discussion to ensure all parties are in agreement on important topics and comfortable moving forward.


Group Session for Intended Parent(s) and Known Egg Donor (and Donor partner if applicable)

  • Dr. Collins: $425

  • Dr. Brookland: $425

Fees include clinical interview, test administration, scoring/interpretation and report writing time and sending documentation to referring provider. 

*You are responsible for all fees at the time of service via Venmo, Credit Card, FSA/HSA card

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