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Out-of-Network Therapy

Understanding Self Pay

Ebb & Flow Counseling + Coaching is here for you in many ways. One of the benefits of working with Ebb & Flow is that we are an out-of-network practice. Being an out-of network (self pay) service allows Ebb & Flow to operate without the constraints of insurance. While this may be confusing, we are happy to answer questions and guide you in making the decision to work with us.


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What Out-of-Network Means

How Payment Works

Phone Call


before seeing an out-of-network therapist

Questions to Ask Insurance Provider

about out-of-network coverage and the reimbursement process


Cancellation Policy


Jennifer Collins

Sep 29   |   4 min

Getting started with counseling and finding the right practice and provider can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to using your insurance or not. You've likely encountered the term "out of network" in your searches, a phrase that might add a layer of confusion...

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