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Couples Counseling

Relationships are beautiful, but they can also be complex. Have the challenges of life dimmed the spark you once shared? Do you feel like you and your partner are in constant disagreement and you can never reach a resolution-- or, if you do, it doesn't actually fix the tension that caused conflict? Maybe you're just burnt out from putting in so much effort and receiving nothing back. Our couples counseling is designed to be your compass in navigating conflicts, fostering communication, and reigniting the spark that brought you together.

Strengthen Your Love, Rekindle Your Connection

Relationships are a journey, and sometimes that journey can hit bumps along the way. Our dedicated couples counseling is designed to help you and your partner not only address those bumps but also cultivate a stronger, more fulfilling connection.


Couples Counseling  focuses on couples who may struggling in their relationship. The goal is to help couples recognize and resolve conflict and improve their relationship. ​Typically couples counseling involves both partners to identify and address issues in the relationship. Techniques that we use will help improve communication, build trust, and resolve conflicts.


Your love story deserves nurturing and growth. Let us help you rewrite your relationship's narrative and create a future brimming with connection and fulfillment.

Meet Dr. Brookland

Dr. Rachel Brookland Long brown hair and wearing a black blazer

Dr. Brookland has a broad range of experience in conducting psychological assessments and providing behavioral health consultations. Her specific interests are in women's health, weight management, couples counseling, and interpersonal challenges.

As a practitioner, Dr. Brookland believes in the mind-body connection and cognitive-behavioral approaches to help her patients understand and cope with their emotional problems. She focuses on changing her patients' attitudes and behaviors to help them achieve their goals.

Fees for Couples Counseling Services

Our couples counseling services are self-pay or "out of network" with insurance plans. Many insurance companies will cover a portion of therapy fees if you provide them with a receipt or "superbill". We encourage you to call your insurance and talk with them about their reimbursement policy for an "out of network mental health provider" to find out how much they can cover. 

Couples Counseling Session

  • Dr. Brookland: $250 per 50-60 minute session

*You are responsible for all fees at the time of service via Venmo, Credit Card, FSA/HSA card

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