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Third-Party Reproduction Consultations

We understand that the path to parenthood can take many beautiful forms. Whether you're a couple or an individual embarking on this journey, we are here to provide the guidance, understanding, and care you deserve as you navigate the world of third-party reproduction. You are not alone in this process.

Prepare for your Fertility Journey with Confidence

We know that making the decision to use third-party reproduction can bring up a range of emotions and questions. Our experienced psychologists are here to provide a safe and welcoming space for you to discuss your feelings, concerns, and hopes. Third-party fertility consultations are often required by fertility clinics when individuals or couples (intended parents) decide to use third-party reproduction such as egg donor, sperm donor, embryo donation, and/or gestational surrogate. ​

During these consultations, intended parents will expect to meet with a psychologist to discuss and explore their feelings and concerns about third-party reproduction.  Our consultations are designed to empower you with knowledge. We'll help you explore the complexities of third-party reproduction, ensuring you have all the information you need to make informed choices that align with your values.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Collins Therapist Lancaster PA

Jennifer Collins


Owner & Psychologist

Dr. Brookland Therapist Lancaster PA

Rachel Brookland 


Licensed psychologist

Fees for Third-Party Reproduction Consultations

Consultations are self-pay only and not eligible for out of network insurance benefits as a mental health diagnosis will not be provided or treated.

Consultation for Intended Parent(s)

  • Dr. Collins: $375

  • Dr. Brookland: $275 


Group Session for Intended Parent(s) and Gestational Carrier (and GC partner if applicable)

  • $425 

Fees include resource lists, report writing time and sending note to referring physician.

*You are responsible for all fees at the time of service via Venmo, Credit Card, FSA/HSA card

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