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Gabriela Bevacqua-Collins, BA

Master's Student, Pre-Licensed Clinician

Meet Gabriela

Gabriela Bevacqua-Collins is a master’s student in the Penn State Applied Clinical Psychology program. She received her bachelor’s degree from Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana) where she studied Psychology and Art History.


Gabriela has previously worked in a research lab investigating child development and has used art therapy to work with adult populations. She believes that mental health care that is informed by research creates the most effective therapeutic environment for her clients. Gabriela is committed to helping individuals generate tools to deal with the complexities of life, relieve distressing symptoms, and build positive self- regard.


She is particularity passionate about helping both individual patients and communities cope with negative life events and the resulting anxiety-based responses. Gabriela believes that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy provides a tangible, structured approach to alleviate negative thoughts, build self-confidence, and improve quality of life.

Gabriela was born in South Bend, Indiana and is an avid runner. She loves to travel, visit art museums, and read as much as life allows.


Initial Evaluation/Intake

Individual Counseling (psychotherapy)


Current Masters Student

Membership with Eastern Psychological Association (EPA)

Membership with Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA)

Member of Psi Chi National Honor Society in Psychology

B.A., Psychology and Art History, Indiana University, 2021

M.A., Candidate Applied Clinical Psychology, The Pennsylvania State University, an Anticipated Graduation, August 2024

Top Specialties

Written by Gabriela

Art Supply

Staring January 10th, 2024

Art Based Wellness For

Join us to explore femininity across art history as we make a variety of artistic creations and explore our self-concept and womanhood.

It is FREE to join and once registered a list of needed materials will be provided. This art based wellness series will be meeting virtually Wednesday evenings from 5:00-6:30pm biweekly.

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